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Jetson Electric Bicycle

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Removable Lithium Ion Battery

• Both lightweight and easy to handle, simply remove the battery, plug it in, grab a helmet, and hit the road in under 8 hours of charging time.

Ergonomically Friendly & Multi-Functioning Dashboard and Handlebars

• LCD digitally enhanced display illuminates current speed, voltage left on battery, and whether any lights or blinkers are active.
• Distractions can be bad….so we’ve made our bikes fully functional with the flick of a finger or push of a button.

Rear Wheel Motor and Disc Brakes

• Electric means power!  Feel safe knowing that our 500W motor and heavy duty disc brake system responds immediately to your stop or go request.  Sudden changes in traffic sometimes can be tricky….were not here for tricks….Jetson responds to safety.
Functional Pedals

• You’re ELECTRIC! Recharge a Jetson by yourself by simply pedaling your own bike. Go the extra mile….with our powers combined.

Multiple Locking Points

• Built-in front and rear locking apparatus allows an instant and safe way to lock your bike wherever you want….and if you feel like carrying something cool…we’ve added a seat lock to make sure your precious cargo stays put.
• Strong enough for the streets….skinny enough for a bike rack. Chain or lock your bike to virtually any security system that works for you.
• Easy to find home in a parking garage, on the curb, etc….being JetSet means you park VIP.

Weight: 125 lbs
Length: 69 in
Width: 26 in
Height: 41 in
Wheelbase: 57 in
Height Above Ground: 5 in
Seat Height: 28 in
Wheels: 18″ / 18″
Tire Size: 18 x 2.5
Vehicle Type: Electric Bicycle
Motor Type: Brushless
Motor Output: 500W
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage: 48V (12V x 4)
Battery Capacity: 17Ah
Recharge Time: 4-5h
Battery Life: 800 Times Full Charge
Requirements: 110V
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 40 miles
Capacity: 2 People

Electric Bicycle (100% Assembled)
Lithium Battery
Battery Charger
Rearview Mirror
Steering Wheel / Seat Cask Lock Key
Motor Lock Key 




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Product Reviews

  1. Very Nice E-Bike 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Feb 2014

    Bought one, from BJ Wholesale. Loved it, so then a month later, bought one from this site directly. Yes two...one black and one white. We have 4 daughters, and no school buses :( So now my two oldest can ride to school. Bikes arrived fully assembled, secured within a metal cage frame, surrounded by a cardboard box, with the picture of the bike on it (FYI if it is a gift as ours was). Highly recommend that once out of metal frame you start with the owner's manual. Go over the bike head to toe and tighten all screws, adjust brake levers and tension, check all bulbs, CHECK TIRE PRESSURE and do a full initial charge of the battery. Easy to charge... 2 options, remove undersea battery to charge or charge through a covered socket right under seat on the tall black plastic area.

    Fully charged it does go up to 20mph even carrying my husband on it ( 175 lbs). Does not go above 20mph even with daughter on it (75lbs)... probably governed. This is important, because to legally be a "bicycle" in CA it must have pedals and not go more than 20 mph. Runs up to 35-40 miles on a full charge, less if much uphill. For steep hills, you will need to pedal assist the motor,but not bad.

    Overall ride is smooth and agile with tight turning radius on two mountain bike type tires. Signals are bright and have a loud audible beep...beep...beep while they are on, I assume to both let pedestrians know and remind you to turn them off after turning. Lights are bright with High/Low beams front & Rear/Braking lights in back. No side stand, only a center stand, but is easy to use. Brakes are excellent. Storage area holds battery and there is a very small additional space that does fit a traditional bike lock, and that's it. If you need more storage, use a backpack, or get a storage case... we got one, and I have reviewed that also. Comes with 2 keys (in case you lose one) and a single key operates the bike and the battery/storage underseat area.

    IMO the black is very sharp, cleaner look, but the white is most visible to others on roadway. I recommend black ride with low lights on at all times.

    One more thing... you can buy a disc lock... at any powersports store or online from amazon... This is a small bolt lock that goes on the brake rotor (front is best) and prevents the bike from moving while installed. It is a theft deterrent. However, because the bike is light, only 125 lbs, highly recommend a stand bike lock also through rear wheel to a bike rack or secure post/pole. To use a disc lock is simple, but you need to measure the rotor hole size and buy a lock small enough to fit it... Bully makes one, and a reminder bright orange reminder that it is on cable that runs from the disc lock to your handlebars so you don't try to ride off with it on, destroying your own front brake! That's it. Get one...super fun.